Osteopathy for the whole family, ages 0-99

First, what is osteopathy?

Osteopathy provides gentle manual therapy to improve joint and muscular mobility. This increases wellbeing by boosting circulation and improving nerve function as tight and restricted tissues tend to offend nerves and blood vessels in those areas. Osteopathy can help anyone with a variety of non-medical conditions.

It helps during pregnancy for associated aches, pains, discomforts and swelling. Kids can get therapy for injuries, falls/sprains from sports and play. Parents and other family adults get relief from issues such as neck pain or headache from desk work, wrist and shoulder pain from repetitive strain. Manual labour problems are alleviated from farming to construction, to standing jobs like hairdressing or teaching! Commonly we help with back pain from age-related issues, poor shoulder mobility, foot pain… the list goes on! Let’s not forget accidents/falls or injury as we age! Osteopathy treats the whole body… you will feel wonderful afterwards.

Specifically though we are often asked how osteopathy can help a baby. When baby is born, medical procedures can cause injury; sometimes a head shape problem or neck turning preference is visible in the early weeks. Babies might have latching/feeding problems with associated gas, or reflux. Many newborns have lip or tongue ties. Osteopathy can help! Plus, we can refer you to the right care if something is outside of our scope of practice! Even after a period of time after their birth, a baby may cry a lot or seem extremely uncomfortable for no ‘obvious’ reason. Osteopathy finds the areas that are causing pain and discomfort to help babies be relaxed and happy. After treatment, they feed, burp, pass gas, poop, and sleep much better!

We also offer lactation & feeding support. Why?

Lactation consulting helps the new parent and baby achieve the best possible outcomes for infant feeding whether breast/chest feeding or bottle feeding. It resolves problems with positioning, latch, poor swallowing, nipple discomfort/pain, lack of weight gain, low milk supply, over-abundant milk supply, baby fussiness, and more. Parents receive help choosing the right type of pumps and other feeding aids. A lactation consultant works with you to understand your goals for breastfeeding and helps you put together a plan, while also answering any questions you have. OHIP coverage is available in certain circumstances. Please speak with the lactation consultant for more details. Lactation consultant prices are not subject to HST.

Common Q&A specifically about babies

  • Why is my baby crying so much?

    Possible reasons: Headache, pain along the spine, poor digestion, acid reflux, gut cramping (colic), gassy tummy. Frustration with poor latch, poor milk access, mouth and throat fatigue, tongue tie issues

  • Why is my baby grunting so much?

    Tight ribcage and breathing muscles, shoulder injuries, or stuffy sinuses can cause grunting. Gassy tummies can too. Gas gets trapped from irritations along the spine, poor tongue and jaw movement, or poor feeding setups. Gas is taken in when latch or bottle feeding isn't optimal

  • How do I help my baby after her/his traumatic birth?

    See us! Neck and shoulder injuries, skull trauma from forceps or vacuum births, wet sounds in the nasal passages or lungs after a C-section, bruises and swelling, compressed abdomens and tight ribcages are all relaxed with osteopathy

  • Why is my baby so gassy?

    Swallowing air from poor mouth seal, tongue tissue restrictions, spine irritations, jaw misalignments. Poor digestion can cause fermentation in the gut where gas can double or triple! Massage for infants can help tummies relax. Osteopathy treats the spine and body restrictions. LC helps triage where the air is sneaking in during feeds

  • Does my baby have a tongue tie? A lip tie?

    Joanne and Krista can suggest a reputable dentist if they find signs and symptoms of possible tongue (or lip) tie. We work closely with other industry professionals that are able to take care of this issue for your baby if needed

  • Can manual therapy be dangerous to my baby?

    The short answer is NO. Specifically, manual therapy uses pressure as light as testing a ripe avocado to allow a natural release of tight muscles and tendons. It can also involve very careful stretching to muscle groups that are holding poor patterns affecting head, neck, swallowing, latch and spine movements. There is no cracking & certainly no hard forces involved.

Services & Treatments

Who should I book an appointment with?

Book an Osteopathy visit for your infant or child. Joanne sees all babies of all ages and will assess and treat your baby for birth injury and trauma. Your baby will be a lot more comfortable and relaxed after treatment because the strains from being born are gently released. She also sees pregnancy/post-pregnancy and other adult issues but she tends to triage her specialty to infants & kids. Please book with Kiara if Joanne is unavailable for non-infant issues.

Feeding support is available for you by booking with Krista. Optimize baby’s nutrition intake and your breast or bottle feeding experiences for a wonderful start with your new baby. She will recognize how to address problems in set-up and latch/suckling. People often don’t realize how much there is to know about milk-transfer, weight gain/loss, bottle feeding supplies and formula, pumps and parts, and adjustments in holds/positioning… all available to you with Krista’s help.

For general adult aches and pains, teen visits, or pregnancy support, book a visit with Kiara. She can help adults with neck/back/shoulder/knee/hip pain, work-related stiffness/chronic issues, work and sports injuries, any issues that go unresolved with other types of therapy (people sometimes tend to plateau with PT/chiro/massage), pregnancy related issues, pelvic alignment in preparation for birth, & so much more! She sees kids over 12, also… don’t forget dads, aunts/uncles, grandparents, other partners. We are inclusive in treating all genders! Kiara offers a reduced rate for uninsured folks and lots of evening appointments for people who work late!

Book a massage with Malina to feel relaxed, improve circulation and calm sore muscles. From light to deep tissue needs, she can accommodate the perfect pressure for you to suit your preferences. She sees members of the whole family, from babies to grandparents.


Things to know about our clinic and services

  • Osteopathy and massage therapy are covered by supplemental health insurance companies. You have to submit your receipt to your company (sorry, no direct billing is offered).
  • Sometimes we gently suggest/refer you to one of our other specialists in the clinic to optimize your health and needs.
  • Our team works with highly reputable dentists who perform oral tissue (tongue and lip tie) surgeries. We may refer you to one if needed.
  • No doctor referral is required to see any of our practitioners at Best For Baby Health Inc.
  • We are all members of our respected professional associations and are fully insured.
  • Osteopathy is the only therapy that directly helps cranial (skull) shape problems because we use craniosacral therapy, as specialized type of extremely gentle manual therapy uniquely effective on the head.
  • Lactation consulting may be covered by OHIP. Please call to find out more.
  • At Best For Baby Health Inc., we all want what is best for the whole family!


Joanne Lynne, M.OMSc, B.Sc

Joanne is a local Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and she is the owner of Best For Baby Health Inc. A resident of Niagara and a proud mother of two young women, Joanne has worked in healthcare most of her life, dedicating herself to continually improve, learn and specialize in her field. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual therapy from the CAO (Hamilton). She specialized in pediatrics with Robert Harris at The Cranial Centre (Toronto). She also specialized under the instruction of Dr. Jonathan Evans, D.O. (Australia). Joanne and Dr. Evans currently work together to train and mentor graduate OMPs who want to specialize in pediatric osteopathy.

Krista Hilton, IBCLC

Krista is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant providing breastfeeding/chest feeding and bottle feeding support to families at all stages of their journey. Krista’s interest in this field began with the birth of her first daughter, when she encountered many difficulties with breastfeeding and subsequently received help from public health nurses, an IBCLC, and the La Leche League. After the birth of her second daughter, she recognized the need for a supportive community for families with newborns and decided to attend the Breastfeeding Program at Mohawk College. Through practical hours gained through La Leche League and working as a peer counsellor at the Guelph Community Health Centre, Krista has been qualified since 2016. Krista now lives in St. Catharines with her husband, two daughters, and one black lab dog.

Kiara Kells, osteopathy student/apprentice, B.Sc.

Kiara is our newest team member, available to help our Niagara families at a reduced fee (especially helpful for people without benefits). Kiara has a Bachelors degree in Medical Sciences (Brock) and is currently finishing up her remaining practical hours at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy (Hamilton).

Malina Labbé, RMT

Malina has been practicing massage for over 13 years and provides not only pain relief and a therapeutic experience, she provides a feeling of comfort to people as well. Her clients quickly become loyal after experiencing the wonderful flow and technique she offers, and the sensation of peace in her calm and beautiful treatment room. New parents need stress relief and support for their aching muscles and shouldn’t forget to prioritize themselves. Malina offers side-lying pregnancy massage as well, a huge benefit to sore aching muscles and swelling during the pregnancy months. She is training in infant massage this spring.


At Best For Baby Health Inc. our goal is to optimize your baby’s health and relationship with you, especially through the first year. Resolving birth injuries and improving general health for the birth parent and baby is a huge part of that. Getting the right feeding support that you and your baby both need is essential as well. Having a team of professionals who can communicate together to support you and your growing family is our mission. Watching you thrive as a new parent and seeing your baby healthy and happy is an added bonus!


Medical Disclaimer

At Best For Baby Health Inc. we do not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Where there is a questionable health concern of a serious nature please see your medical doctor.