Best for Baby Health Inc. offers Osteopathy, feeding support and more!

First, what is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy provides gentle manual therapy to improve joint and muscular mobility. This speeds up healing by boosting circulation and improving nerve function. Osteopathy can help anyone with almost anything. Pregnancy can feel much more comfortable with the help of osteopathic treatment. After delivery, both mom and baby can benefit from therapy for their unpleasant symptoms.

Birth is a very natural process but the hardships of it, especially accompanied by complications from a prolonged and traumatic birth, can cause injury. If you are having unpleasant symptoms like spine or hip pain, swelling, numbness/tingling in your hands, headaches, or anything else, just make an appointment. If your baby is crying a lot, seems uncomfortable, is agitated, or not feeding well, have the baby assessed. You will be amazed at how good you will feel and how calm and happy your baby will be.


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    The skull bones need to be round, no flat spots! The neck needs to turn well left to right.

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    Jaw, throat, neck issues cause poor latching/swallowing which affects nursing and bottle-feeding..

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    Shoulder injuries can decrease blood flow down the arm and make tummy time uncomfortable..

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    Hip restrictions need to be addressed for good bone development and better crawling and walking.

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    Legs and feet are extensions of the hips and lower spine so we check those too.

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    Digestion or pooping problems can come from neck, spine or hip tightness.


Next, why Lactation and Feeding Support?

A newborn needs to learn the new skills of suckling from a breast or from a bottle. Parents need to learn a whole new skillset on how best to provide that nourishment. There is no set of instructions that get magically downloaded when becoming a new parent! Things like: proper positioning, proper holding, proper latch (getting the jaw and lips on the breast or bottle), best swallow-breathe rhythm, best breast pumps, bottle and nipple selections, good pacifier types,  best ways to burp, and good weight gain are all addressed by a certified lactation consultant.

New parents often need follow-up guidance after the baby is born, that’s normal! Resolve all issues that are hindering your smooth feeding experiences and book an appointment.

We work as a team at Best For Baby Health and we are here to help.

How can Osteopathy and Feeding Support help us?

  • Why is my baby crying so much?

    Possible reasons: Headache, pain along the spine, poor digestion, acid reflux, gassy tummy. Joanne and Karla can help!

  • Why is my baby grunting so much?

    Poor feeding setup, high milk flow, poor bottle/nipple choice causing air intake. Karla can help! Neck and jaw restrictions cause biomechanical problems of suckling and swallowing. Joanne can help!

  • How do I help my baby after her/his traumatic birth?

    Neck and shoulder injuries, skull trauma from forceps or vacuum births, wet sounds in the nasal passages or lungs after a C-section, bruises and swelling. Joanne can help! Weak latch, weak suckling, poor suck-swallow-breathe pattern... Karla can help!

  • Why is my baby so gassy?

    Maybe: Poor latch, poor swallowing, poor feeding setup. Karla can help! Irritations to the nerves controlling the bowel. Joanne can help!

  • Does my baby have a tongue tie?

    Karla and Joanne can suggest a reputable dentist when they find signs and symptoms of possible tongue (or lip) tie.

  • I don't know who to turn to! Who should I book with?

    Call or email us and we will help you figure it out. You are not alone!

Consultation and Treatments

What happens during your baby’s appointment?

Book an Osteopathy visit for your infant. Joanne will assess and treat your baby for birth injury and trauma. Your baby will be a lot more comfortable and relaxed. Joanne sees only infants at the moment.

Book an Osteopathy visit for yourself or a family member. Ashley or Malerie will be pleased to help you with postural strains, pregnancy related side-effects, lifting injuries, back or other joint pain. Dads, grandparents, kids, other partners are always welcome to book.

Book a massage with our Registered therapist, Melissa. She provides traditional, infant, pregnancy, C-section scar, and breast massage treatments. She will see ALL members of the family, despite the clinic name (baby!)

Book a feeding support visit. Karla will assess your situation and provide wonderful guidance for your breast and bottle feeding needs. Part of her assessment may lead her to suggest booking with Joanne for an osteopathic assessment.


Things to know about our clinic and practitioners

  • Osteopathy and massage therapy are covered by supplemental health insurance companies. You have to submit your receipt to your company (sorry, no direct billing is offered).
  • Lactation consulting and feeding support are privately billed. OHIP coverage is not available.
  • Sometimes we gently suggest/refer you to one of our other specialists in the clinic to optimize your health and needs.
  • Joanne and Karla work with highly reputable dentists who perform oral tissue (tongue and lip tie) surgeries. We may refer you to one if needed.
  • No doctor referral is required to see any of our practitioners at Best For Baby Health Inc.
  • We are all members of our respected professional associations and are fully insured.
  • Osteopathy is the only therapy that directly helps cranial (skull) shape problems because we use craniosacral therapy, as specialized type of extremely gentle manual therapy uniquely effective on the head.
  • Feeding and lactation support are essential for best results whether breast or bottle-feeding.
  • Specialized massage therapists are hard to find. We strive to fulfill the needs of our special clients and patients.
  • At Best For Baby Health Inc., we all want what is best for the whole family!


Joanne Lynne, M.OMSc, B.Sc

Joanne is a local Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and she is the owner of Best For Baby Health Inc. A resident of Niagara and a proud mother of two teenagers, Joanne has worked in healthcare most of her life, dedicating herself to continually improve, learn and specialize in her field. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) and a Diploma in Osteopathic Manual therapy from the CAO (Hamilton). She specialized in pediatrics with Robert Harris at The Cranial Centre (Toronto). She also specialized under the instruction of Dr. Jonathan Evans, D.O. (Australia). Joanne and Dr. Evans currently work together to train and mentor graduate OMPs who want to specialize in pediatric osteopathy.

Karla Masse, IBCLC

Karla is the founder of BE WITH BABY Lactation Support. She offers an inclusive, judgment-free practice. She is a patient and gentle practitioner who has learned firsthand the importance of support. Her lactation consultant training took place in a clinical setting with superior mentorship by Attie Sandink (Burlington) alongside some of the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring interns. Karla has earned the highest regarded professional qualification for providing expert breast, chest, express, and bottle feeding and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Karla and her husband have 6 lovely children together and a sweet dog named Auggie.

Malerie Macmillan, M.OMSc.

Malerie is an OMP who resides outside of our area but commutes to the Niagara Region to help our team at Best For Baby Health. We are so happy to have her join us in serving the Niagara region! She is a graduate of the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy and treats people of all ages and conditions. Her passion lies with treating pregnancy and post-pregnancy patients. She has experience with children as well. Her future goals include learning more about how to treat babies… so you may see her mentoring Joanne from time-to-time. Malerie enjoys her family time on her farm in Breslau and especially relishes outdoor activities with her “fuzzy family” too.

Ashley Pehar, M.OMSc, BKin

Ashley is an OMP who is new to our team, coming to help our Niagara families with her combination of skillsets. We are so grateful! Why? Ashley also has a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree and has experience in physiologic rehabilitation for post-pregnancy issues. With a combination of structural manual therapy PLUS specific guidance from her, you will optimize a speedy recovery and restore motion much more efficiently. Ashley is a mother of 3 sweet littles and really cares about your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journey. She is a graduate of the CAO.

Melissa Allison, RMT

Melissa has been practicing massage since 2009 and performs many variations of massage; traditional, pregnancy, infant, and scar care massage (think C-sections). Melissa provides not only pain relief and a therapeutic experience, she provides a feeling of comfort to people as well. Melissa always derived much satisfaction from what she gives her clients. After about a year of ‘general practice’ she began to see the need to specialize in women’s health, especially in perinatal and postnatal areas. She feels ‘at home’ when she focusses on this group of people; supporting them emotionally and physically to provide a circle of care during someone’s pregnancy and after they give birth, no matter how long it has been! There is no such thing as “too late” for Melissa to address your C-section scar restrictions. This tissue can often be the cause of your lower back pain, your poor bladder function, or your shoulder and neck soreness. Melissa and the OMPs in the clinic are cohesive in bringing your care to the next level!


At Best For Baby Health Inc. our goal is to optimize your baby’s health and relationship with you, especially through the first year. Resolving birth injuries and improving general health for the birth parent and baby is a huge part of that. Getting the right feeding support that you and your baby both need is essential as well. Having a team of professionals who can communicate together to support you and your growing family is our mission. Watching you thrive as a new parent and seeing your baby healthy and happy is an added bonus!


Medical Disclaimer

At Best For Baby Health Inc. we do not claim to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Where there is a questionable health concern of a serious nature please see your medical doctor.